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Why You Should Try Malaysian Cuisine


Food is a part of our daily life. The food that we eat from day to day has been passed down from generation. When we celebrate special occasions like birthdays, for sure, a special family cuisine will always be part of the celebration. But whether there is a celebration or not, trying new cuisines is worth it, always! Here are the reasons why you should indulge in Malaysian food in California.

  • Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures

    Malaysian cuisine is a fusion of diverse and complex influences from Asia, mainly influenced by Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian cuisine. Take a bite of their mouthwatering dishes and discover a unique blend of flavors rooted in their culture.

  • For the Seafood Lovers

    Rice is the backbone of Malaysian dishes. Since the country is surrounded by bodies of water, it is easy to get fresh seafood. Thus, rice is almost always partnered with generous amounts of seafood as the side. If you are craving seafood, head to a Malaysian restaurant in Pleasanton, California. You can find other interesting dishes as well.

  • Freedom

    Because it is influenced by various cultures, there is no specific rule of thumb when it comes to sides. And yes, for Malaysian dishes, it’s the sides that matter. Whether you want to add a layer of vegetables, spices, or meat to your Nasi Lemak or Nasi Kandar, it is always up to your preference. After all, when it comes to food, your mouth is the limit.

To discover a unique blend of cultures and flavors of Malaysia, visit Curry Leaves Bistro. We always have something for your palate. Jom Makan! Let’s eat!

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