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Our Food

In Malaysia, eating is a favorite past time – there are no two ways about it. Everyone worth his salt would be able to enthusiastically describe where you can have the best dish of any kind and even the best time to go and get it. Curiously enough – Malaysians do not generally follow strict rules as to what type of food should be eaten when.

Food is the natural obsession. It is not unusual if someone from Malaysia greets you by saying “Sudah makan ke” or “Chiak Pah Boi” which means “Have you eaten? “ in Malay and Chinese Hokkien respectively and in Tamil “Saapathu Ponge” meaning “eat before you leave” as part of saying good bye.

Everything in Malaysia revolves around great food and good friends. Whether you are meeting someone for a casual chat or when you are having an appointment with someone regarding any serious issues, Malaysians tend to have the particular appointment in coffee shops or “mamak” stalls because sometimes it is always better to chat while having a cup of coffee or “Teh Tarik” which literally means “Pulled Tea” – a very popular Malaysian style milk tea.

Being a multicultural nation, Malaysian food resembles the country’s rich culture, history, and the unique lifestyle of its people. The food culture is inherited from the ancestors whether directly or indirectly from one generation to another by embracing the classic methods of cooking preparation and presentation. The Malaysian food culture and its traditional preparations are practiced according to the culture, beliefs, and values of its people. The extensive range of local dishes are very much a reflection of the cultural melting pot creating a unique Malaysian identity. Malaysian culinary palates are recognized as consisting of the balance between all sorts of tastes and flavors: spicy, mild, sweet, sour, and creamy from all the different racial communities. It doesn’t take an adventurous traveler or food enthusiast to appreciate Malaysian food – there are just so much to choose from.

Curry Leaves Bistro would like to bring you to experience the unique and authentic taste of Malaysian food using fresh and locally-sourced seasonal produce. No frills – just honest, authentic good food.