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Malaysian Dishes: Star in Lunar New Year


For the upcoming Lunar New Year in Malaysia, there’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of getting back together with your family, tied to food, culture, and tradition.

For Malaysians, Lunar Year Celebration is not just a welcome for spring but also a going back to your roots. The highlight of this festival is none other than the exquisite Malaysian cuisine.

Food is an essential element in every festival. It represents different things and traditions. For instance, Malaysian families that represent Chinese cuisine represent good luck. Steamed fish mirrors abundance and good fortune. A whole chicken also represents togetherness. Different foods are served on special occasions, each representing different themes and symbolisms.

Speaking of chicken, it is served during the Lunar New Year in Malaysia. Interestingly, a Malaysian restaurant in Pleasanton, California, can serve Malaysian chicken dishes in the USA.

Whether you are a Malaysian or someone who wants to experience the taste of Malaysian cuisine during the Lunar New Year, you can all taste and experience the dishes served during Lunar New Year like Nasi Kandar, Yee sang, and more.

Great news! You can taste some dishes served during the Lunar New Year in Malaysia. We at Curry Leaves Bistro serve scrumptious Malaysian food in California.

Experience Malaysian Lunar New Year by tasting our delightful Malaysian cuisine. Give us a phone call or visit us!

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