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Get to Know What Is Halal Food


You may have heard of the word “halal” before but are not sure of what it means. Today, allow our food service to share with you what it means.

Halal food is an important part of Islamic Law and Malaysian cuisine. This means eating food that does not consist of, has been in contact with, or contain anything which is considered to be unlawful according to Islamic Law and has not been prepared, processed, transported, or stored using any appliance or facility that was not free from anything unlawful according to Islamic Law.

Foods that are not halal are called “haram” or forbidden are:

  • Alcoholic and hazardous drinks
  • Pigs and boars
  • Dogs, snakes, and monkeys
  • Carnivorous animals with claws and fangs such as lions, tigers, bears, and other similar animals
  • Birds of prey with claws
  • Pests
  • Animals are forbidden to be killed by Islam i.e., ants, bees, and woodpecker birds
  • Animals that are considered repulsive
  • Animals that live both on land and in water
  • Mules and domestic donkeys
  • All poisonous and hazardous aquatic animals
  • Any other animals not slaughtered according to Islamic Law
  • Blood

At Curry Leaves Bistro, we offer halal Malaysian food in California that aims to share our wonderful gastronomy with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Our halal food is delicious and safely prepared to guarantee the overall satisfaction and experience of our diners.

Our Malaysian restaurant in Pleasanton, California, offers fresh halal ingredients, such as chicken, veggies, seafood, dairy, and certified meat and poultry.

Please come and visit our restaurant and treat yourself and your family and fried delicious and quality Malaysian food in California. For more information about our restaurant, feel free to browse our website or contact us using the contact details provided below.

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