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Dishes: Bridge Between Malaysian Culture and Man


What’s the fastest way to indulge yourself in a particular culture? It would be its dishes.

A ceremony or a festival is nothing without the various dishes. Festivals can serve a specific or common dish as long as it represents culture. Meanwhile, Malaysia is an Asian country full of colorful and meaningful festivals and national events. At every event, different Malaysian cuisine is served.

If you are an enthusiastic food lover, you should try out Malaysian dishes. Thankfully, we at Curry Leaves Bistro are here to present dishes for some Malaysian special occasions:

  • Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mooncakes are the highlight of this festival. This is a must-eat delicacy during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes symbolize family reunions and harmony.

  • Independence Day

    Malaysia celebrates its independence day on the day the country gained its independence. During the occasion, Mee Goreng, a noodle in Malaysia, is often served during the event. If you want a rice dish, you may also want to try Nasi Kerabu, a blue rice dish, cooked along with the petals of the butterfly pea flower.

  • Diwali

    The festival of lights is celebrated in Malaysia too. Mullu murukku is a snack usually served during Diwali in Malaysia. Its shape is formed by a Murukku mold.

Malaysian dishes are incredibly healthy and tasty. It also reflects a lot about their country and culture. If you cannot wait to try a bite, you can seek out our Malaysian food in California.

Our Malaysian restaurant in Pleasanton, California, serves scrumptious Malaysian dishes. Satisfy your cravings and have a taste of Malaysian culture by calling us now!

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